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Merry Christmas from all at LLSC

Merry Christmas from all of the committee of Loyal Luton to all our members, we hope you enjoy the festive period we are now entering into.

If the Premier League has taught us anything, then it is there is an elitist snobbery amongst some supporters of some clubs, and even a bit of sneering in some parts of the media. The finger pointing at the Oak Road entrance, to the ‘you have no right as a football club to be even in the Premier League’, complaining about the delay in the renovation of the Bobbers stand and the postponement of the opening home game v Burnley was quite laughable.

After a shaky start against Brighton, we then saw us bring the goals scored against us down each game there after. With each of those games we improved and started to find our feet. Some of that finger-pointing resulted in the comical comments by Garth Crooks, who stated we would be relegated by Christmas and that he really couldn't take us seriously. Well Garth its Christmas, we are not relegated, and our opponents are taking us seriously. Ask Wolves, Everton, Forest, Liverpool, and Palace, all of whom we have taken points off them from those games.

From some of these games, we should have come away with maximum points. In other games not mentioned, we have been unlucky to not get a draw or a win in some cases. What a great feeling it was to go 1-0 up against "the best team in the world" in the form of Manchester City. This suggests we are not far off where we need to be. Maybe a couple of good additions in the next transfer window will be needed to help propel us away from the relegation zone and increase our points tally.

It's funny how the Premier League sucks you in. When we won promotion on that hot sunny day at Wembley, that seems an age away now, my thoughts were if we are relegated straight back down then so what it's a free hit, we take the money on offer and invest it into our new stadium and then have another go at coming back up. However, my thoughts are changing, and I would love to stay up. The Premier League is definitely a place like no other, and we are relishing going to famous grounds and out-singing the home crowd who, barring a few exceptions, are sitting there waiting to be entertained.

Whilst we remain in this league we are ruffling those pristine expensive feathers, we are bucking the trend and we give hope to other clubs that on a small budget, with loyal supporters and a desire to stick two fingers up to the establishment, dreams can come true with hard work desire and a bit of luck thrown in.

Of course, you need a good board of directors to bring it all together, and in that respect, we have one of the best.

I would like to pay tribute to Ross Barkley. When Ross arrived, his career was at a crossroads. He was a classic Luton signing really, maybe more higher profile, but someone with a point to prove. The first few games for us, he was quiet and a fair few on the terraces, were not confident that he still had it. However, it took a few games for Ross to "get us," and boy, once he did, his game has been absolutely fantastic. His ability to pass or cross a ball from anywhere on the pitch is absolute class. His goal against Arsenal, incidentally on his birthday, was well deserved for all his effort from the games leading up to that goal. I think that he will be absolutely instrumental going forward in keeping us up.

In closing, our vocal support for our club has been nothing short of a class act. Home or away, we have collectively backed our players and our club. The players are not alone when they step on to the pitch whether that be at Kenilworth Road or Old Trafford et al, we are backing them and we will continue to back them whatever the season brings keep, it up be loud and proud.

At the time of writing, Tommy Lockyer is in hospital recovering from a cardiac arrest. We sincerely hope that Tommy recovers quickly to full health a separate message has been posted on our website regarding this.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Kevin Rouse


Loyal Luton Supporters Club

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