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Chairman's Message:

Hi everyone,

As you are all fully aware there has been thousands of words written about our club since we left Wembley as a Premier League club. Everything from walking through peoples houses to having no undersoil heating to being relegated before a ball has been kicked due to some minor indiscretion of just being Luton. I wont continue to bore you with what we already know, we live it, we breath it, we are Luton Town warts and all!

In the brave new world we are now entering into we are already seeing changes that are something we have never seen before from internal ground changes to multi million pound transfer fees being paid. In this brave new world money, lots of money, is the driving force. The club have spent some of this money shrewdly in terms of players the new stand at the ground and hopefully investing in Power Court where our ultimate future lies. However, with millions of pounds being spent already it is nothing compared to the big beasts of this league have spent in buying superstars of world football for their clubs. It is therefore incumbent on all of us to play our part in the up and coming be as noisy as hell when the likes of Erling Haarland enters through one of our many crap entrances and make sure that they know they have entered a place where it don't matter how much you are worth but they know we are on to them from minute one. This is the part we all can play and we have shown time and time again that when we are vocal in our support magic happens..

There will be times through out the new season when we are behind, we need to be calm and focused, we need positive support and if we lose we go again at the next game. In essence we need to sound like 60000 rather than 10000! The players will need our backing and the management will need our backing. They will feed off us from the terraces, back every player even when they make mistakes encourage them to not be afraid and embrace the challenges ahead. Lets see where this journey takes us, enjoy every minute.

Let us not forget this is the club they tried to kill, but this is the club that wasnt ready to die, we have fought to have the right to be here, let them all know we have arrived.


Kevin Rouse


Loyal Luton Supporters Club

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