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A statement from LLSC Chairman Kevin Rouse

As you are now aware, along with the footballing world, our captain, Tommy Lockyer, suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing against Bournemouth on Saturday 16th December.

The quick intervention from the Bournemouth players who were closest to him on the pitch and then the paramedics who quickly came to Tommy's aid undoubtedly saved his life.

It's absolutely tragic for Tommy, who as we all know, collapsed on the field of play at Wembley just a few months ago with an irregular heart rhythm, it was shocking then and even more so now.

What can you say at a time like this, we can only send our collective love and support to him and hope that his recovery is a quick one and we see him in a Luton shirt once more.

Moving forward lets rally behind Tommy and dedicate the rest of the season to him, perhaps with his song on the 4th minute of every game so that dedication to him isn't forgotten and he knows he isn't forgotten.

We are with you Tommy.

Kevin Rouse


Loyal Luton Supporters Club

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